Introducing Broker Commission

Introducing Brokers are core to our business and we have invested heavily to provide our introducers with fast, reliable and secure service, enabling you to spend less time managing back-office operations and more time managing your customer relationships.

TTechnology Corp partners can enjoy the most competitive commission on the market. Our compensation structure has been carefully designed to help introducers and traders of all levels be sufficiently rewarded for their referrals – the more your customers trade, the more rebates you earn.

We also offer you MLP type of partnership, where you benefit from trades conducted by your clients’ clients. You can check out the MLP Program here, if you’d like to learn more.

To get detailed information about the affiliate commission on all trading instruments available in TTechnology Corp, please use the tabs below.

Symbol Standard Account Pro Account
AUD/USD None $5.00
AUD/CAD None $5.00
AUD/CHF None $5.00
AUD/JPY None $5.00
AUD/NZD None $5.00
CAD/CHF None $5.00
CAD/JPY None $5.00
CHF/JPY None $5.00
EUR/AUD None $5.00
EUR/CAD None $5.00
EUR/CHF None $5.00
EUR/GBP None $5.00
EUR/JPY None $5.00
EUR/USD None $5.00
EUR/NZD None $5.00
GBP/AUD None $5.00
GBP/CAD None $5.00
GBP/CHF None $5.00
GBP/JPY None $5.00
GBP/USD None $5.00
GBP/NZD None $5.00
USD/CAD None $5.00
USD/CHF None $5.00
USD/JPY None $5.00
USD/SGD None $5.00
NZD/CAD None $5.00
NZD/CHF None $5.00
NZD/JPY None $5.00
NZD/USD None $5.00
Symbol Typical Spreads Partner Commission
XAU/USD 20 - 30 Cents 5.00
XAG/USD 15 - 40 Cents 5.00

Multi-Level Partnership Commission

With its unique ability to provide the partner with up to 3 levels of commission-earning clients, the Multi-level Partnership Program has a special commission distribution system.  E.g. A standard lot for the pair EUR/USD  1 st Total commissions is 5 USD, Level IB  gets 50% ($2.50), 2nd  level IB gets 30% ($1.50) and 3rd level IB gets 20% ($1.00).  We can work with the individual needs of an IB to create their unique commission distribution system. You can see it below.

When clients from the 1st level make a deal

The 1st level IB will get 100% commission.

When clients from the 2nd level make a deal

The 2nd level IB will get 50% commission, and the 1st level will get 50% .

When clients from the 3rd level make a deal

The 3rd level IB will get 20% commission , the 2nd level IB will get 30% commission , the 1st level IB will get 50% .