How to fund?

Select the account you wish to fund , and enter the desired amount.

Choose the method you wish to fund your account with fill in the details. Click "Send Notification" button.

  1. Please note that the term instant means that a transaction is carried out within a few seconds without the interfering or manual processing by financial department specialists.
  2. The payment options shown above are for informational purposes only and not all payment options will be available to each individual. Please login to your personal Client Portal area to see which options are available to you.
  3. Please note that payments to and from international banking institutions may attract intermediary transfer fees and/or conversion fees from either party which are independent of  TTechnology Corp. Any such fees will be the responsibility of the client.
  4. We do not charge any internal fees for deposits or withdrawals.
  5. Please keep in mind that all deposits must come from a bank account or credit card in the same name as your TTechnology Corp trading account. Joint account payments are accepted if your name is one of the parties.
  6. We are unable to accept third-party payments and direct or over-the-counter cash payments to TTechnology Corp are prohibited. You will be given all necessary information in your personal Client Portal area when completing a transaction.
  7. Deposits may be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If a deposit is not carried out instantly, it will be completed within 24 business hours. We shall not be liable for delays in processing deposits if such delays are caused by the payment system.
  8. Internal transfers between accounts of the same name are performed instantly.
  9. We may place limits on the payment systems available to clients from certain countries.

How to make a deposit?

At TTechnology Corp, you can make a deposit payment with ease anytime, anywhere, online. Simply login to your personal Client Portal area, click Deposit from the menu and select your preferred payment option. There you will receive further instructions on how to access the deposit details unique to you.

Additional Notice

Bank Wire Transfer is an effective way to transfer funds from any country in the world.

To see our bank wire details, please login to the secure Client Portal payment area and select your chosen deposit currency from the displayed tabs – this will provide you with the details you need to transfer your funds. You may also need to contact your bank to obtain a wire transfer form or instructions on how to complete wire transfer via their online banking service. When we receive the funds from your bank, we will credit your account immediately.

Please ensure to send the funds to the correct trust account, as incorrect deposit currencies may not be accepted.

Please also note that Australian bank transfers should not incur any fees, but international bank transfer fees may apply. It is best to check with local bank/institution for details of these fees and surcharges.

Skrill is a widely popular online payment method, which allows quick and convenient online payments for over 36 million account holders in 200 countries and 40 different currencies.

You will need a Skrill account before you can start using this service and their accounts are free to sign up. Note that this payment option is only available for USD based trading accounts.