Legal Documentation

TTechnology Corp provides legal documentation for clients to review before trading Forex.

Terms and Conditions
For all clients. This is the terms and conditions for all our products.

Risk Disclosure
Our Risk Disclosure document is designed to assist clients in deciding whether to use our services.

KYC and AML Policy
An overview of the Know Your Client and Anti Money Laundering practices employed by LUCROR LTD.

Any advice provided to you on this website or by Lucror representatives is general product advice only, and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. You should therefore consider how appropriate the advice is before acting on it. You should also consider our PDS documents before making a decision to use our services.

We may not hedge a client’s position or post the trade "straight through" (known as straight through processing or STP) and instead, we set the prices at which we are prepared to deal with you.

In some cases, client trades are 'hedged' by passing the equivalent volume of instrument traded through to a liquidity partner, thereby mitigating client risk resulting from adverse market movements. We also conduct regular surveillance of our client-to-liquidity provider exposure to ensure any discrepancies that may arise are corrected as appropriate. This may from time-to-time involve bulk purchases of a given currency, security or index with a liquidity partner which are generally infrequent and immaterial in size.

The performance of TTechnology Corp is contingent on prudent risk mitigation practices. This is achieved by conducting surveillance and monitoring. Factors which may impact TTechnology Corp decision to hedge a client’s trade include, but are not limited to:

Toxicity of Flow: Trades or clients that are considered to be employing latency arbitrage techniques.
Volume: Extraordinary volume of trades or total trade size is larger than our risk tolerance.
Performance and Account Type: Professional traders, Money Managers, Sophisticated Investors and/or individual accounts based on prior performance.
Cash Balance: The amount of funds deposited may indicate a need to hedge all trades given it may represent larger trade volume or aggregate size/volume of trades.

TTechnology Corp may utilise a number of external liquidity partners using aggregation technology designed to maximise commercial viability of each hedged trade, in turn, this enables us to provide our clients with more competitive market spreads.

TTechnology Corp is dedicated to protecting your privacy and safeguards your personal and financial information with maximum care. We employ leading security software and systems, and have strict procedures in place to protect your information.

Privacy Policy
For all clients. This is the privacy policy that they can view.